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Proposal for Writing-Focused Course

This form has two purposes: to verify that a proposed course meets the criteria for a W course as established by the Writing Program and to record practices in the teaching of writing. Questions are keyed to the criteria for offering a writing-focused course adopted by the faculty and implemented in Fall 2015. Writing-focused courses must include (1) formal writing instruction in class, (2) student writing, (3) instructor feedback, and (4) student revision. Refer to the Faculty Handbook for a complete description of the Writing Program.

Please note: Plans for a writing-focused course, as detailed in your proposal, should transfer as much as possible to your syllabus. In completing and submitting your proposal, you agree to present your plans as accurately as possible at the point of submission and to transfer those plans to your syllabus, which should adequately inform students about the writing-focused components of the course.

Proposal Form

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