Title Page i
Dedication   v
Bishop Philip William Otterbein  vi
Picture and Historical Sketch of Bishop Grant D. Batdorf  vii
Picture and Historical Sketch of Doctor John H. Ness  viii
Picture and Historical Sketch of Bishop Arthur B. Statton  ix
Forward by Bishop Arthur B. Statton  x
Author's Preface and Acknowledgements  xii
CHAPTER I. Genesis  17
Scope of this History – Religious Condition among Germans in America, 1700-1750
– Rev. Michael Schlatter and His Missionaries – Sketches of Philip William Otterbein, 
  Martin Boehm, George Adam Geeting, and Christian Newcomer – The Pipe Creek 
Conferences – The Period from 1789 to 1800 – The United Brethren and Pentecost.
CHAPTER II. Exodus 38
The Decision to become a New Denomination – Minutes of Conference of 1800 
– The Name – Branching Out – Church Building – First General Conference
  – Division of the Original Conference – The Churches in Western Maryland
– The United Brethren and the Methodists.
CHAPTER III. High Lights From the Conference Minutes 51
Dr. Albright's Translation – High Lights from the Minutes, Year by Year – The First 
Statistical Chart, 1847 – Statistical High Lights.
CHAPTER IV. The Churches of Pennsylvania Conference  76
CHAPTER V. The Ministers of Pennsylvania Conference  268
The Name, Birth-date, Date of Entering Conference, Date of Ordination, How and 
When Membership Ceased, Death-date and Place of Interment of each Minister 
Connected with the Conference from the Beginning, in-so-far as the Information 
is Available.
CHAPTER VI. Conference Leaders of Yesteryear 288
Brief Biographies of Outstanding Ministers, Mainly Those of the Period Ending 
with 1900.
CHAPTER VII. Laborers Sent Forth  314
Bishops, Editors, General Officers and Missionaries Sent Forth by
Pennsylvania Conference.
CHAPTER VIII. The Present Roster Of The Conference  331
Table of Ministerial Service – Pictures of Conference Members.
CHAPTER IX. Conference Auxiliaries  350
Women's Missionary Association and Otterbein Guild-Young People's Work
– Board of Education – Orphanage and Old Folks' Home – Lebanon
Valley College – Camp Meetings.
CHAPTER X. The Sessions Of Pennsylvania Conference  369
Year and Place Held – Presiding Bishops-Presiding Elders – Secretaries
– Treasurers – Historians.
CHAPTER XI Our Delegates To The General Conferences  378
CHAPTER XII. Glimpses Of The Church At Large  382
Headquarters – U. B. Office Building – Publishing House – Our Educational
Institutions – Benevolent Homes – Board of Bishops – General Officers
– Membership by Conferences – Denominational Statistics for 1937 – Growth
in Church Membership.
CHAPTER XIII. Fragments Gathered Up  393
Francis Scott Key – A John Brown Anecdote – Stanley Befriended – An Answered 
Prayer – Centennial Services – Statistics for 1937 – Stationing Committee's Report 
for 1937 – Virginia Conference Incorporation – Didn't Need Doctoring – Pioneer 
Spirit – The Busy Martha – The Broadcaster – History of Transportation – What's in 
a Name? – Conference Minutes' Dates – First Benevolent Society - Old Match House
– Numbering Israel – Old Winterstown Church – “The Good Old Days" – Conference 
Officials, 1925 – Mount Olivet Church – Charter Membership, Washington Church
– Conference Staff of 1915 – Glossbrenner Anecdote – Ordination Certificate of Rev. 
Jacob Baulus – Retreat Grove School House – Rev. Simon Geeting – Monument at
  Site of Geeting Meeting House – Mt. Hebron Church – Geeting's Grave – First Liberal 
Appeal – Trustee Board, Orphanage and Home – Fifty Years in the Ministry – Rev. 
Evers' S. S. Class – John Spangler Home.
CHAPTER XIV. Pages From Newcomer's Journal  423
  That the readers of this Conference History may get an insight into the activities of our
pioneers, we present herewith four portions of Newcomer's Journal, verbatim. The first 
portion presents in full his autobiography, which serves as a preface to his journal. The 
second portion gives the entries in his diary, or journal, from the beginning, October 27, 
1795 to December 31, 1798. The third portion gives the entries from January 1, 1813 to 
December 31, 1816. The fourth portion gives the entries from January 1828 to the close 
of his life, March 1830.