Senior Awards Questionnaire 2018

The deadline for completing the questionnaire was February 5, 2018. This form is now closed.

As a student in the upper half of the Class of 2018, you are eligible for several prizes and awards. The Committee on Prizes and Honorary Degrees will be nominating seniors for the following awards:

  • Bishop William Perry Eveland Prize - granted to the senior resident student, who is in the upper half of the class, for progress in scholarship, loyalty, school spirit, and participation in student activities.
  • Class of 1907 Prize - granted to a senior, who is in the upper half of the class, and who has contributed to campus life through participation in athletics and other student activities.
  • The Faculty Prize - granted to a senior commuter student who has participated in student activities and who is in the upper half of the class.

Winners of these awards will be selected by vote of the faculty and presented at the Honors Convocation on Sunday, April 22, 2018.

Additionally, the faculty and staff will be nominating seniors for the Helen R. Hoover Community Service Prize.

In order to ensure that all eligible students are considered, please complete the questionnaire by February 5.

General Information

This form is closed.

Campus Address:

Home Address:


Other Information


Please list all activities in which you have participated during your tenure at Lycoming, indicating the number of years you participated. List each activity, any office held, and the years in which you participated. Please identify any Greek letter organizations. Off-campus activities not associated with Lycoming College are generally not considered by the Committee on Prizes and Honorary Degrees.
Example: Residence Hall Council 1; Pre-Law Society 3,4, Pres. 4; Football 1,2,3,4, Co-Captain 4,Resident Advisor 2,3.

Honors and Awards:

Please list all honors and awards you have received during your tenure at Lycoming College.
Example: Deans List 2,4; Beta Beta Beta (Biology Honorary) 3,4, Treas.3; Rose Pfaff Scholarship 3;

Community Service:

Please list your community service and hours donated in any or all of the appropriate categories. Your volunteerwork should cover the four years at Lycoming for service at home, on campus and in the local Williamsport community and area.

Category I: Volunteer Work.

Example: Big Brother/Sister, Habitat for Humanity, SPCA, fundraisers (Relay for Life, Food Drive), club/class/Greek projects, college phone-a-thon, Sunday School teacher, Bible School.

Category II: Paid Community Service

Example: Work Study, tutoring through Academic Resource Center, lifeguard, camp counselor, lab assistant, Clean Water Institute, Intramural worker (official, supervisor), Recreation worker (fitness desk).

Category III: Service Learning (Anything related to an academic course)

Example: Internship, departmental practica, class component (Intro to Soc., Aging & Society, Surveys).

The deadline for completing the questionnaire was February 5, 2018. This form is now closed.