A Note from the Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students

Dan Miller - Dean of Student Affairs

Vice President for Student Life and Dean of Students
Daniel P. Miller, Ed.D.
Email: millerda@lycoming.edu

Your years in college are unparallel with any other time in your life. Lycoming College encourages students to challenge themselves, accept leadership, and engage in community. Programs in recreation, activities, leadership, residential life, fraternity and sorority life, and spiritual life are available to you!

We take what we do seriously and, if done right, we will have fun along the way as well. It is important to you. Most importantly, we do what we do for you. Our mission is to provide a distinguished baccalaureate education in the liberal arts. This is achieved within a coeducational, supportive, residential setting through programs that develop communication and critical thinking skills, concepts and perspectives; explore literacy and scientific traditions; cultivate an aesthetic sensibility; elicit social responsibility; promote racial inclusiveness, general equality, and an appreciation of cultural diversity; and produce leadership for the institutions of society. Each student is encouraged to develop and strengthen virtues and traits of character that enable, ennoble and emancipate the human spirit while deepening commitment to those values that undergird civilization.

All of us in Student Life look forward to our journey together at Lycoming College.

I invite you to share your critiques, your compliments, your creative suggestions and your concerns with me. Just drop me an email at millerda@lycoming.edu.

Even though our Division offers a diversity of services, we are united around a single goal-to create a positive and dynamic campus environment that promotes academic achievement and development of character. We want to make sure that every student is challenged and supported to develop the habits of civility, integrity, citizenship and compassion that will allow them to become leaders during college years and beyond.