Fraternity & Sorority Risk Management

Chapters should be constantly aware of the importance of risk management. Each chapter at Lycoming College must be knowledgeable of and follow risk management policies set forth by Fraternal Information and Programming Group (FIPG) and/or one’s national fraternity/sorority. If chapters are following the risk management plan above, the College would like to know how each chapter is educating its members about the risk management plan. To ensure each chapter is educating members correctly, the president, social and risk management chairs need to be educated first. These officers must attend social/risk management training at the beginning of each semester. Chapter's wishing to schedule workshops for their chapter membership on FIPG or Risk Management issues are always welcome to seek out the assistance of the Student Involvement office.

Additionally, each chapter must secure general liability insurance in the amount of $1,000,000 and list Lycoming College as additionally insured. A copy of this certificate must be on file in the Office of Student Involvement.

Risk management includes crisis management as well. The College needs to be informed about what the chapter is required to do, in the event of a crisis situation. The chapter must develop and submit a written crisis management plan at the beginning of each academic year to the Assistant Director of Student Programs and Leadership Development.

Since the chapters on campus are social organizations, the College is aware of the extent and variety of social activity on campus. The College expects the chapters to plan, present, and execute two or more substance free social events each semester. Programs must be registered and approved by the Office of Student Involvement.

Each chapter should prohibit tasteless, insensitive, socially demeaning or offensive party themes, items (t-shirts, mugs, etc.), and recruitment materials. The College expects chapter members to demonstrate maturity, responsibility, and social appropriateness.