How To Start a New Club or Organization

If you have a new idea for a club or organization, the process to start a new one is fairly easy and straightforward.

  1. Stop by the Office of Student Involvement and ask to speak with a member of the professional staff. We'll spend a few minutes discussing your new club idea.
  2. You need to find a faculty or staff member employed by Lycoming College to be your Advisor.
  3. We'll give you a hand out with tips on how to write a new club constitution and by-laws. Once done, they, along with a roster of interested students, new officers, and the name of your faculty/staff advisor, need to be submitted electronically in a Microsoft Word document via email to Larry Mannolini, Director of Student Programs and Leadership Development.
  4. Once all your paperwork is in order, the Office of Student Involvement will consider your application and if approved, prospective new clubs will be granted Temporary New Club Status. Then your application is forwarded to the Student Senate of Lycoming College for final consideration, debate, and vote before the Student Senate. Only when final approval is granted by Student Senate, does a club gain full club recognition by the College.