Jane Schultz Room, Wertz Student Center Guidelines

Jane Schultz Room
  1. Request Jane Schultz Room from the Office of Student Involvement.
  2. If available, must be used for 30 persons (or more) for food usage.
  3. When taking trays to the Schultz Room, tablecloths need to be removed, folded neatly, and then returned to tables after using. If you want to use the tablecloths and they are dirtied, Dining Services will charge you a fee for each tablecloth.
  4. Furniture is permanent. At no time, may the furniture be removed from the Jane Schultz Room. Special consideration will be reviewed by the Office of Student Involvement and the President's Office.
  5. Nothing may be hung on walls.
  6. If using AV equipment/satellite hook-ups, etc., the Media Technology Office must be given sufficient (5-7 days minimum) notice - check with Wayne Hughes, 321-4083 or hughesw@lycoming.edu.