Facility Coordinators

Facilities Name Box Phone Ext.
Academic Center                            (All Classrooms)
Fine Arts Building
Heim Biology & Chemistry Building
Lynn Science Center                                                  Wesley Seminar Room #134
Linda R. DeLong 159 4145
Inquiry should be emailed to Linda
Instruction Classroom, Snowden Library Emily A. Hardesty 141 4087
Coffeehouse, East Hall
Jane Schultz Room, Jonas Room, Conference Room, Student Board Room, Burchfield Lounge & Jack's Corner, Wertz Student Center
Donna A. Weaver 145 4118
Pennington Lounge, AC Donna A. Weaver 145 4118
Mary L. Welch Theatre, AC Jay Innerarity 73 4133
Shangraw Performance Hall, Mary Lindsay Welch Honors Hall
Chapel & Basement, Clarke Building
Sara R. Scott 148 4016
Reflection Chapel, Mary Lindsay Welch Honors Hall TBA 149 4065

Gym, Dance Room, Classroom, Lamade Gymnasium

Tara L. Miller 143 4110
Cleveland Lounge & Recreation Center
Intramural Fields
Kelly J. Henrie 143 4059
Residence Hall Lounges: Asbury; Skeath; Wesley 1st fl

A.T. (Adam T.) Lambert

146 4326
Residence Hall Lounges: Crever; Forrest; Rich; Williams

William T. Dzuricsko

146 4946
Residence Hall Lounges: Affinity Housing, Wesley; Commons; Apartments Gabriella Vasquez 146 4147
Blue Room, Wertz Student Center
Guest Suite, Rich Hall
McKenney Board Room, Long Hall
Diane M. Carl -
Reserves/Does Form
156 4101
Admissions Dining Room, Admissions House Barbara J. Carlin 164 4126
Media Tech Equipment, AC help@lycoming.edu reference your reservation number if applicable 142 4083
IMS Center, AC Alyssa A. Wall 1 4100
Computer Labs: AC; Heim; LSC Steven Caravaggio 142 4153