Burchfield Lounge, Wertz Student Center Guidelines

Burchfield Lounge

The purpose of these guidelines are to help keep activities, events, and meetings in accordance with the intended purpose of Burchfield Lounge.

The following events are permitted in Burchfield Lounge:

  • Events that require minimal or no set up;
  • Informal meetings that require no set up;
  • Formal activities (such as traditional receptions) sponsored by the College.

The following events are not permitted in Burchfield Lounge:

  • Formal meetings or lectures that require significant set up arrangements (such as large numbers of tables and/or chairs);
  • Activities that require staging, chairs, and additional sound system requirements;
  • Activities that will conflict with the purpose of Burchfield Lounge as a formal reception area and lounge for students, staff, faculty, and other members of the community.