Alternatives to Hazing

The purpose of new member programs is to develop good active members, not good associate members. New member programs should be positive, informative, and enjoyable, not demeaning, degrading, or demanding. The following is a list of possible new member activities.

Develop chapter unity - Involve new members in chapter committees, have active/new member class retreats, play sports with mixed teams of new and initiated members.

Promote scholarship - Utilize College tutoring services, designate quiet hours on your floor, invite college speakers to discuss test-taking skills, study methods, etc.

Instill a sense of brotherhood/sisterhood - Plan special events for the entire chapter, e.g., attend a movie, play, or professional sports game, go hiking or biking, etc.

Build awareness of chapter history - Invite an older alumnus/a to talk about chapter's early days.

Develop leadership - Assign new members to a committee, encourage participation in other campus activities, and utilize campus leadership workshops and retreats.

Involve new members in the community - Visit a nursing home or youth center. Get involved in volunteer service activities.