Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

College Fax Number Directory

Academic Departments Fax Number Location
Accounting 570-321-4161 AC 1st FL
Art 570-321-4090 Library
Astronomy/Physics 570-321-4371 AC 3rd FL
Biology 570-321-4073 Heim
Business 570-321-4161 AC 1st FL
Chemistry 570-321-4073 Heim
Computer Science 570-321-4371 AC 3rd FL
Criminal Justice 570-321-4389 AC 2nd FL
Economics 570-321-4161 AC 1st FL
Education 570-321-4389 AC 2nd FL
English 570-321-4371 AC 3rd FL
History 570-321-4161 AC 1st FL
IMS 570-321-4161 AC 1st FL
Mathematical Science 570-321-4371 AC 3rd FL
Modern Language Studies (French/German/Spanish) 570-321-4389 AC 2nd FL
Music 570-321-4090 Library
Philosophy 570-321-4389 AC 2nd FL
Physical Education 570-321-4158 Gym
Political Science 570-321-4371 AC 3rd FL
Psychology 570-321-4161 AC 1st FL
Religion 570-321-4371 AC 3rd FL
Anthropology/Sociology 570-321-4389 AC 2nd FL
Theatre 570-321-4161 AC 1st FL
Campus Departments Fax Number Location
Academic Resource Center 570-321-4432 ARC
Admissions 570-321-4317 Adm House
Advancement (Lycoming Fund, Alumni Relations, Development) 570-321-4391 Long Hall
Athletics (Gym & Rec Center) 570-321-4158 Gym
Buildings and Grounds 570-321-4192 Gen Srvcs
Business Office 570-321-4216 Long Hall
Campus Store 570-321-4119 Wertz
Career Services 570-321-4236 Wertz
College for Kids 570-321-4073 Heim
Conference Services 570-321-4337 Long Hall
Dean of Student Affairs 570-321-4998 Long Hall
Financial Aid - Please use cover sheet 570-321-4993 Long Hall
Health Services 570-321-4355 Rich
Human Resources 570-321-4998 Long Hall
Human Resources/Wellness 570-321-4413 Long Hall
IT Services (Computer Center) 570-321-4051 ITS
Library 570-321-4090 Library
Parkhurst Dining 570-321-1294 Rich
President's Office 570-321-4307 Long Hall
Provost & Dean of the College 570-321-4307 Long Hall
Registrar 570-321-4980 Long Hall
Residence Life 570-321-4337 Long Hall
Security 570-321-4605 Rich
Spiritual Life and Community Service 570-321-4337 Long Hall
Student Involvement 570-321-4236 Wertz
Vice President for Administration & Planning 570-321-4219 Long Hall