Residential Life

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Special Housing Accommodations

 For students that require a Housing Accommodation

Early Arrival Requests


Students who need to arrive prior to the scheduled opening on August 24th and 25th 

What to bring / What not to bring

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News letters for FYRST Year Students, Returning Students and Parents

Our Mission

The Mission of the Office of Residential Life is to support the overall vision of Lycoming College by providing a living environment that encourages academic success, fosters leadership and cultivates citizenship.

To this end, we aim to:

  • Provide a safe and secure residential environment.
  • Offer an environment which supports and recognizes resident student academic achievement.
  • Hire and develop a staff of student leaders who are committed to the education and development of their peers and themselves.
  • Facilitate educational and social programming that furthers the building of community and provides life skills that are transferable to the workforce and to life in general.
  • Create an atmosphere that promotes the rights and obligations of living in a diverse community where self-responsibility and mutual respect are encouraged and expected.
  • Continually define and refine how we endeavor to meet the needs of the students we serve.