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Brick Program

What is the "Brick Program"?

The Brick Program was developed as a means for Faculty, Staff, and Students to nominate individuals they feel have gone "above and beyond" in their contributions to the College community or by exhibiting behavior that demonstrates a dedication to building and supporting community. Although a small token, it serves as a "concrete" reminder that good deeds and dedication are the foundation of a strong community.

What are the requirements?

The person nominated must have done something above and beyond what would normally be expected of them in their role at Lycoming — not to be confused with a thank you. We want to make sure the bricks are provided to students and staff who are doing something that is not part of their job.

How do you nominate someone?

Complete the online form below or if you wish to nominate more than one person for the same "good deeds" you may email with the required information. If you are sending your request via email rather than complete the online form, please be sure that you include campus mail box numbers for each nominee in your email.

What information is needed?

The nominee's name and campus box number, and the reason for the nomination (a brief 1 or 2 sentence explanation that will make sense to the nominee.)

What happens next?

The nominees will receive a note from the Office of Residential Life and brick in the mail. The note will state why they have been nominated, but traditionally does not say who nominated them.

Nomination Info

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