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Warrior Extreme Challenge

The Warrior Extreme Challenge is cancelled for spring 2018 due to lack of participation

Lycoming College Intramural Sports and Campus Recreation are teaming up again to host the 6th annual Warrior Extreme Challenge on Sunday, April 8, 2018 at 11AM. The Warrior Extreme Challenge is more than an event; it’s a sense of accomplishment. Similar to the events of a “Tough Mudder” or “Warrior Dash” the Warrior Extreme Challenge will test all around strength, stamina, mental grit and most importantly, camaraderie. There will be fifteen warriors starting the event every fifteen minutes adventuring through eleven events. Lycoming College Intramural Sports and Campus Recreation students, faculty, staff, alumni and the public to have a great time, discover camaraderie with your fellow participants and unlock and true sense of accomplishment.

Age Requirement: Must be 10 years of age to participate on your own. If under 10 years of age, a parent or guardian 18 years of age or older MUST accompany them (stay by their side) through the challenge.

The registration fee of the event is $12.00 (which includes a short sleeve t-shirt). Half of the proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warrior Project.

*The deadline to ensure t-shirt size is March 21st by 4pm. After that deadline, you can still register, but shirts will be whatever size is available.

Registration for students, faculty, staff and the public are in the Keiper Recreation Center, Kelly Henrie’s office. If the public or alumni does not have easy access to the college, you can obtain the registration information on the link provided and follow the instructions.

If you still want to purchase a t-shirt but do not want to participate in the event, the cost is $12.00 for a short sleeve. *See above deadline for t-shirt size.

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