Sanna Fogt

Sanna Fogt

English literature, 2018

Activities at Lycoming: Research and Teaching Assistant for Dr. Darby Lewes, Sister of Alpha Xi Delta Women's Fraternity, Resident Student Mentor (RSM), ARC English Tutor, Dance Club Co-Captain, Dance Club Ballet/Lyrical Teacher, Student Orientation Staff, Math Club member, Staff Writer for the Lycourier and Snowden Library Circulation Desk Worker.

Hometown: Alta Loma, California

High School: Alta Loma High School

Most influential professor: My most influential professor is Dr. Darby Lewes of the English department. Her dedication to her students goes above and beyond any teacher that I have ever had the experience of learning from. Her passion for teaching the material every day makes for a learning environment unlike any other.

Favorite campus event: It was amazing to be an SOS leader (Student Orientation Staff) during the summer of 2016. I enjoyed being a part of orientation and acting as a role model and mentor for incoming students and transfer students. Our staff was full of great individuals and we all worked extremely well together as a team.

My big college moment: Simply attending Lycoming College was a huge step. In Southern California, where I grew up, I had attended schools that were much bigger than Lycoming. The transition to a small town private school was the best decision I could have made. The sense of community is overwhelming and the bond formed with my professors is something that I could have never experienced at a bigger school in California.

Best Lycoming opportunity: In the summer of 2016, I had the opportunity to do research with Dr. Darby Lewes. Together, we found seven out-of-print 18th century novels and we wrote a short synopsis for each novel. We then identified major themes and character traits, creating summaries that were then compiled into a Cambridge Encyclopedia. It was amazing to work with Dr. Darby Lewes on this project and to have the ability to see how she approaches literary analysis. I was honored to be a part of this research project as an undergraduate student.

Global experience: I will be going on the Study Abroad Math Trip in May of 2017 and will be visiting Italy and Greece. The class focuses on the history of mathematics and the travel component will take us to many of the locations where great mathematicians worked.

Advice for incoming students: Relax and embrace the college experience, because it will go faster than you can ever imagine. Join clubs that interest you, and you will have the ability to meet many new people that share your interests. Lycoming will become your family if you branch out and embrace everything this campus has to offer.

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