Spencer Vause

Spencer Vause

Political Science, 2017

Activities at Lycoming: Alpha Sigma Tau (Sweetheart), Lycoming Environmental Awareness Foundation (LEAF), The Lycourier, and Phi Kappa Psi.

Hometown: Highland, Maryland

High School: Mount Saint Joseph

My most influential professor: It’s really hard for me to pick my most influential professor because I’ve had a few of them. Since I can only pick one, I’ll go ahead and say Dr. Caroline Payne. If you need held with anything whatsoever, she’ll be there to help you. If you are freaking out about your future and what you want to eventually do with your life, she’ll help you figure it out. She is really invested in her students and wants nothing for them but success. Though I would say not to mistake her niceness for thinking that she is an easy professor. She is one of the toughest professor’s that I’ve ever had, but she has pushed me to produce some stellar work that I’m rather proud of.

Favorite campus event: I have two favorite campus experiences. The first is Greek Week that is held every spring semester usually in the beginning of April. It’s a week of friendly competition between all nine Greek houses on campus. It’s usually a lot of fun and shows Greek unity even though it’s a competition. My other favorite college experience was that of the Student Leadership Capstone Experience (SLCE) that is held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. A group of student leaders and myself went to Gettysburg to learn about the battle of Gettysburg and different styles of effective and ineffective leadership. It was an experience that I’ll carry with me for a while.

My big college moment: It’s so hard to pick just one big college moment because I’ve had so many. I guess that I would say one of my big college moments was when I received a bid for the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity. When I first came to Lycoming, I was indifferent about Greek Life. As the school year went on I began to hang out with members of this fraternity and learned what it was all about. I believe that they are a phenomenal group of guys who do a lot of great things for the community. I’ve learned so much from my brothers and have really grown as a person since I joined the spring semester of my freshman year. It’s almost like having a second family.

Advice for incoming students: Don’t stress out or worry too much about things even though it’s your first year at Lycoming. Not everything will go according to the plan that you have envisioned for yourself. Learn to expect the unexpected and go with the flow.

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