Rebecca Reed

Rebecca Reed

American Studies & History, 2017

Hometown: Waynesboro, PA

High School: Waynesboro Area Senior High School

Activities at Lycoming: Vice President of Student Senate, Sister of Alpha Xi Delta

My most influential professor: Dr. Pearl! Not only has he helped me through my years at Lyco, but he has also inspired me to continue with history through graduate school. 

Favorite campus activity: My favorite campus activity is Homecoming! I love watching the campus come together for an entire week to participate in fun activities and celebrate our school.

My big college moment: My big college moment was being elected as Vice President of the Student Senate. Although the accomplishment came with a lot of responsibility, it helped me to improve my leadership skills and become a better student overall.  

Why I chose my major: I initially chose my major because of influential high school teachers, but I stayed because of the amazing faculty in the history department. Not only are lectures filled with passion, but the research and writing skills that I have earned are far beyond what I expected of myself. After realizing how much I loved my history major, I decided to add my American Studies major; while my History major provides instruction on a range of subjects, my American Studies major allows for a deeper study into my favorite topic. 

Advice for incoming students: Get involved in as much as you can, but be sure to learn your limits. It's okay to dedicate a lot of time to one particular activity that you are passionate about. Give it your all and have fun doing it.

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