Jacqueline (Jackie) Croteau

Jacqueline  (Jackie) Croteau

Archaeology, 2017

Activities at Lycoming: Lycoming College Cross Country Team, Sister of Alpha Xi Delta, Student Senate, Dance Club, The Odyssey

Hometown: Islip, New York

High School: Islip High School

Most influential professor: Dr. Ryan Adams not only challenges me to view the world with a critical mind, he encourages me to recognize how my work, which may seem like a small addition, can have a big impact on the trajectory of the world. He also encourages me to realize my potential, and to learn my personal strengths and weaknesses so that I will be more than ready to take on the world when I leave Lycoming.

Favorite campus event: I always look forward to Homecoming as an athlete and a supporter of our teams. As a senator, I help put Homecoming festivities together and it’s always enjoyable to see the students come together throughout the week to celebrate their favorite aspects of their alma mater.

My big college moment: My big moment was my study abroad experience in Spain in the fall of 2015. I really got to know what I am capable of as an individual. I also enhanced my Spanish skills and learned about the numerous wonders of the world. My experience in Europe will remain one of the most awe-inspiring and inspirational periods of my life!

Advice for incoming students: Ask questions and take advantage of the opportunities offered at Lycoming that matter to you. Your professors are there for you and it’s probably the only time your support system will be this vast and valuable. Take chances on what seems worth it. This is the time to learn about yourself and the world you live in! Even if Lycoming doesn’t always feel like your personal best fit, it is a great place to figure out what will be.

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