Alfonce Mutuku

Alfonce Mutuku

Criminal Justice, 2017

Hometown: Beltsville, Maryland

High School: DeMatha Catholic High School

Activities at Lycoming: Black Student Union, Varsity Soccer Team, SOS (Student Orientation Staff) Leader, Williamsport Internship Summer Experience, Lambda Chi Alpha, Academic Liaison for Criminal Justice Department, employee of Recreation Center and Lycoming Athletics Department.

My most influential professor: Dr. Richmond. She is a great professor from the way she teaches to her persona. She tries to get the most out of each and every one of her students and she really makes you earn your grades. She is very passionate about her job, has knowledge to share and is always willing to help you find the best internships.

Favorite campus experience: Soccer has taught me a lot for how to be a man of discipline, class and helped me build my personality. Playing with my teammates through tough games and big games has left me with my most cherished memories. I feel blessed to say that I have enjoyed my best four years of my soccer career at Lycoming helping build the program into a conference contender every year. It’s been a pleasure to experience and work with great coaches and mentors at Lycoming College.

My big college moment: Joining Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity has been my biggest moment because I joined an organization that builds men of character. Now that I am a brother, I am a more accomplished man overall. The teachings I have learned through the fraternity have been a driving force for me that I will carry with me for the rest of my life.

Best Lycoming opportunity: The opportunity to have three internship experiences facilitated by Lycoming has been amazing. Through these experiences, the WISE Program, Paradigm Companies and the Juvenille Probation office, I have learned more about myself and have discovered my strengths and weaknesses. At Lycoming, I always have people around me that are willing to help me succeed with these endeavors.

Why I chose my major: I chose my major because I want to ultimately work for the FBI, and I knew that Lycoming College had a great criminal justice department. Dr. Richmond is a great professor who gets the most out of each of her students every day.

Why I chose Lycoming: I chose to attend Lycoming because of the opportunity to be a student athlete. Soccer has taught me a lot through discipline and has helped build my personality. Playing with my teammates through tough games and big games has left me with many great memories. These past four years have been a highlight in my journey as a soccer player. I love how Lycoming continues to build the program into a conference contender every year.

Advice for incoming students: Enjoy the college life, make new friends, meet new people, and experience getting involved on campus. Make your four years at Lycoming memorable because the college experience will fly by quicker than you know it. Engage yourself at Lycoming so that you are recognized on campus by your fellow students, the staff and faculty. The fact that everyone at Lycoming is so friendly, caring and willing to help others makes it easier for you to develop relationships with them.