Stephen St. Francis Decky

Stephen St. Francis Decky


M.F.A., The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Tufts University

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(570) 321-4372
Campus Post Office Box 169
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Communication: Visiting Assistant Professor of Film and Video Arts

Stephen St. Francis Decky, Visiting Assistant Professor of Film and Video Arts, is a painter, animator, and filmmaker who has been creating an ever-evolving cast of characters on a perpetually-shifting landscape for many years. The characters are born in acrylic paintings, then brought out into the real world as hand-sewn dolls. These dolls are then placed on sets and either photographed or filmed back into that other world. His anthropomorphic world is inhabited by characters that include angels, demons, flying fruit, planets and space-ships. The tales that they tell, although sometimes mysterious usually represent issues of choice within love and morality.