Kathryn Ryan

Kathryn Ryan


Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4163
Campus Post Office Box 1

Psychology: Professor

Women's and Gender Studies: Professor

Kathy Ryan earned her Ph.D. in the Personality and Social Psychology program at the University of Pittsburgh. She has done work on the causes of sexual and physical relationship aggression. She is interested in how people define and label relationship violence, the use of playful aggression in relationships, and desistance from aggression. She is also interested in narcissism and related personality traits. Dr. Ryan teaches Introductory Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality Theory, and Psychology of Women. She has had many students present their research at conferences.

Publications include:

Gender Differences in Narcissism and Courtship Violence in Dating Couples

Gender Differences in Playful Aggression During Courtship in College Students