Carolyn Fornoff

Carolyn Fornoff


Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania

M.A., University of Pennsylvania

B.A., Rice University

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4061

Modern Language Studies: Assistant Professor

Carolyn Fornoff’s primary area of study is contemporary Mexican and Central American culture. Her research examines representations of the environment and nonhuman life in literature and film. She is currently at work on a book that looks at how thinking across species was a productive way for troubling entrenched notions about race, gender and politics in twentieth-century Mexican and Central American literature.

At Lycoming, Fornoff teaches classes on Mexican film, narratives of immigration and Latin American literature, as well as advanced levels of Spanish conversation.

Recent publications include:

Fornoff, Carolyn. “Ernesto Cardenal’s Apologia for Ezra Pound.” Istmo: Revista virtual de estudios literarios y culturales centroamericanos, vol. 32, 2016.

Fornoff, Carolyn. “Descifrar el Secreto: “La secta del Fénix” y el acertijo literario”. Variaciones Borges, vol. 39, 2015, pp. 125 142.

González-Stephan, Beatriz and Carolyn Fornoff. “Market and Nonconsumer Narratives: From the Levity of Being to Abjection.” The Cambridge History of Latin American Women’s Literature, edited by Ileana Rodríguez and Mónica Szurmuk, Cambridge UP, 2015, pp. 486-503.