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Lauren Balliet

Lauren Balliet


B.S., Clarion University of Pennsylvania
M.S., Texas A&M University-Commerce

Contact Information:

(570) 321-4245
Campus Post Office Box 152

Physics: Lab Manager and Planetarium Director

Astronomy: Lab Manager and Planetarium Director

Lauren Balliet joined the Lycoming College community in the summer of 2019 as the Lab Manager and Planetarium Director. Balliet grew up in Limestoneville, Pa. and attended grade school in the Warrior Run School District. She attended Clarion University of Pennsylvania for her bachelor’s of science in physics, with a concentration in astrophysics and a minor in mathematics in May of 2017. Balliet then attended Texas A&M University-Commerce for a master’s of science in physics. She spent her first year as a graduate teaching assistant in a hands-on setting and then became graduate research assistant for her second year. She successfully defended her thesis, "Investigating Uncertainties in the Depth and Mass of Nuclear Pasta and Neutron Star Crusts", June 4, 2019 and earned her master’s degree in physics in August of 2019. Balliet is anticipating publications from her thesis work and continues to collaborate with her thesis advisor, Will Newton, Ph.D.

Balliet’s current research interests are in theoretical nuclear astrophysics, specifically neutron star modeling and equation of state of pure neutron matter. She focuses on constraining properties of the crust of neutron stars including the nuclear pasta region. A specific interest and goal of her research is to determine if there are any measurable nuclear experimental values (notably neutron skins) that can be directly correlated to give properties of neutron stars.