Alyssa Tomaskovic

Alyssa Tomaskovic

Biology, 2013

Environmental education instructor at the Pocono Environmental Education Center

In my job, I deliver environmental and outdoor education programs to children ranging in ages from preschool to high school, including with children with learning disabilities and from a wide variety of financial situations.

I have worked at this position for the past two summers and was hired on for a full-time position since graduating.

My job requires me to have a comprehensive knowledge of forest, pond, and stream ecologies and ecosystems, as well as animal physiology and behavior. I use the information I learned in the classrooms of Dr's. Zimmerman, Broussard and Briggs at work every single day.

Many of the children that I work with come from urban and financially depressed regions and would not normally have the opportunity to have a true outdoor experience if it were not for their school adventure to PEEC. Being able to provide as much information as possible about an environment that is so foreign to these children ensures that they have an educational and memorable trip, which is our main goal. Effectively achieving this goal on a consistent basis is a direct result of the degree I received from Lycoming College.

Students who wish to pursue a career in anything related to the outdoors, should take the ecology track within the biology degree. You receive an extensive education that pulls from all fields of biology and successfully prepares you for any job you will apply for.

In order to be successful in my current field, it is imperative that enjoy watching first hand as others learn in a non-traditional educational setting. Seeing the joy on a student’s face when they hold a frog for the first time is the most rewarding experience I can think of, and it happens daily in my field. Truly appreciating that moment is most certainly a job requirement.