Kyle Ruhl

Kyle Ruhl

Chemistry, 2011

Ph.D. program in organic chemistry at Colorado State University

As a senior, I was a driving force in developing Lycoming’s biodiesel facility that uses fryer oil from the cafeteria and converts it into energy for campus vehicles. My experiences on campus helped land me two highly-coveted and competitive summer internships with Merck Pharmaceuticals before I began at CSU.

My chemistry department mentors taught me elements of problem-solving and the aspects associated with the hands-on world of research. My time in the campus labs allowed me to gain excellent experience in research, making me a strong candidate for a research-driven graduate career.

Organic chemistry is a field which develops a strong sense of creativity and problem solving. No matter what is said, organic chemistry is not something that can be memorized. It is an excellent choice for any science majors, pre-medical students and more.

It is important for students to ask many questions – and don't get discouraged if the answer isn’t immediately obvious.

Discuss ideas and concepts with other interested students and get into research as SOON as possible. You can not only learn the tools of organic chemistry – you must be able to use them.