Rene Pucilowski

Rene Pucilowski

Art-painting, 2012

Art handler/crate shop technician, Griffin Art Services

My decision to attend Lyco was based on the overall atmosphere of the school, especially the art department. The art building is filled with a sense of freedom and encouragement. The faculty are not only great teachers and mentors, but also great friends.

Now, I spend my days as an art handler at Griffin Art Services in New York City, handling everything from small sculptures to small room-sized paintings – including a few Picassos.

Most of the time, my company is used to transfer artwork from auction to owner or gallery, so I get to touch artwork that most people only get to see in photos or museums. I am surrounded by art, and what I love, every day.

During my time at Lycoming, I took advantage of everything the art department had to offer. I had access to the wood shop, metal shop, photo lab, painting rooms and more. This gave me the freedom to explore and experiment with different materials and tools and made me a strong candidate for my current position.