Tim Oliver

Tim Oliver

Music, 1994

co-owner of Cunningham Piano

Cunningham Piano is a business that rebuilds, restores and refinishes Steinway Pianos.

I was always musical. In high school and college I played in rock bands in smoky bars with guys twice my age. Shortly after graduation, I moved to Philadelphia to continue opera lessons and was introduced to Cunningham Piano.

After I visited the studio in the spring of 1997, I knew it was a place I wanted to be. I was so persistent that Cunningham actually made a job for me. Now, I get to travel all over the world to see where our parts are manufactured and tour other piano facilities.

I credit my music degree as an invaluable part of who I am today. I still get to sing, having recently performed with the Williamsport Civic Chorus and as a secondary character in an opera in Philadelphia. I also have attended parties to honor Burt Baccarat, and the King and Queen of Sweden.

At Lycoming, I learned how to learn. I learned the process of knowing – how to find out more about something. It is important for people to listen when others are talking. Really listen and really respond. Try to solve problems. And if something’s not working, pull the Band-Aid and move on.