Elizabeth Moris

Elizabeth Moris

Corporate Communication and Communication Design, 2011

Marketing coordinator at Environ-Civil Engineering, Ltd. and freelance work with Social DC Public Relations

I currently live in Elkridge, Md., where I work at Environ-Civil Engineering. My job continuously keeps me on my toes. I have to keep myself up to date with what is happening in local, state, and federal governments in environmental and civil aspects of engineering in order to allow my firm the capability to pursue correct proposals. My job challenges my design and marketing skills to attract these forms of government to our firm’s proposals by allowing us to stand out both creatively and intellectually. Although my past job experience has challenged me to use more of my creativity, I enjoy that my current job constantly reminds me of the fast-paced and cut-throat marketing aspects that are needed to push me to succeed.

Lycoming allowed me to continuously meet new people in different activities that I was a part of. At a larger school, I wouldn't have this option. Lycoming allowed me to become a part of a sisterhood by joining Beta Phi Gamma; it allowed me to play collegiate-level women's lacrosse; be inducted into honor societies; obtain a major and a minor in what I loved doing; work on campus as a tour guide; graduate early and be involved in many other various things around campus that wouldn't be possible if I didn't go to a small Liberal Arts College. Allowing myself to be diverse was a huge advantage in my job interviews as a graduate. It allowed me to stand out amongst my peers who didn't or couldn't take advantage of everything their school had offered because of its size.

I have many fond memories at Lycoming, but the one thing that stays the same in all my memories is the people I shared them with--the sisters of Beta Phi Gamma. They were my family away from home.

In May 2013, I married Kevin Moris, a 2009 graduate of Lycoming. In fact, two of my best friends from my sorority were bridesmaids in my wedding!