Ashley Leech

Ashley Leech

Political Science, 2007

International Development Consultant in Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria

My international adventures began when I obtained a master's in African studies from the University of Oxford in England and began working as an international development consultant in Nairobi, Kenya; Kampala, Uganda; and Abuja, Nigeria.

Working with local and internationally based, non-governmental organizations, I have led the design and implementation of programs targeting vulnerable populations in Africa. My main responsibility has been to help NGOs to most effectively use the money they acquire from various funding agencies. I've has established technical expertise in public health programming, helping organizations design programs on necessary health initiatives in Africa ranging from HIV prevention to malaria and other infectious disease control projects. I also have managed and conducted needs-assessments for emerging projects, formulated financial and programmatic analyses of public health and overlapping intervention in Africa, and led the operations research for multi-million dollar funding proposals that I had the opportunity to help write. I've also been working to help local partners in five African countries conduct a baseline health needs-assessment. I'm planning to pursue my Ph.D. in international development economics/policy in the near future - it all started with Lycoming College.

Lycoming prepared me for graduate school, and the one-on-one professor to student attention helped prepare me for what I am doing now. I intentionally chose Lycoming because it was a small college and had great professors and programs. My professors also instilled the confidence I needed to get to where I am today.