Mark Helman

Mark Helman

Education, 2008

High school social studies teacher and Model United Nations coordinator at the American School in Taichung, Taiwan

I love coordinating the Taiwan Model United Nations (TAIMUN) conference.  The event includes more than 600 participants.  This is incredible considering our combined school community (K-12) is only 150 students.  The international simulation hosts 27 public and international schools from Taiwan (Republic of China), Hong Kong, People's Republic of China and the Republic of Korea.  I also enjoy teaching the Advanced Placement United States history course to the brilliant young men and women of the American School in Taichung.

The small classroom environment offered by Lycoming College allowed me to be challenged by my professors and the opportunities to share my ideas and opinions.  Without exception, my professors at Lycoming provided me the knowledge and confidence to be at the professional level I enjoy today. We didn’t simply go through the typical motions of theory and case study analysis, but instead were empowered to practice and explore new theoretical approaches.

Outside of class, I really enjoy international travel, reading and marathon running.