Lesley Haines

Lesley Haines

Archaeology, 2009

Maritime archaeology staff member at Tel Gazer, Israel, and student in the Ph.D. program at Cardiff University, U.K.

I have always had a love for the ocean and received my diving certification when I was 12. Eventually, this love developed into an interest in land and maritime archaeology, which led me to Lycoming College.

I double-majored in archaeology and history and minored in classical studies. Through the College's study abroad program, I had an opportunity to study in Florence, Italy, and gain hands-on understanding of conservation methods. I am a staff member at Tel Gezer, Lycoming's archaeological field, where I also volunteered as a student.

After earning a master's degree at Bristol University in the United Kingdom, I honed my underwater archaeological skills in the Sound of Mull, Scotland. There, I worked tediously on recording, analyzing, preserving and excavating a shipwreck.