Tom Coale

Tom Coale

Political science, 2003

Malpractice attorney, Goodell, DeVries, Leech and Dann, LL, Howard County, Md.

At Lycoming, I was heavily involved with Tau Kappa Epsilon and served as president during my junior and senior years. I believe that service is an important part of the college experience. Service is the opportunity to problem solve. So much of our education is focused on rote learning and abstract thinking. True service offers the opportunity to think about problems that very well may not have a solution, but are there for contemplation and action.  I love that.

I am on the board of trustees for The Columbia Foundation, a community foundation for Howard County (Md.) that distributes grants to hundreds of nonprofits providing service in the area. I also am on the board of directors for Voices for Children, which recruits and trains court-appointed special advocates for abused and neglected children. I have spent a lot of his time focused on the issue of homelessness, which I often address in my blog,

I’ve raised nearly $10,000 for Living in Recovery houses that enable individuals to leave homelessness and start a life of recovery. Living along the 95 corridor between Baltimore and D.C., I am also passionate about transportation issues, including mass transit, rail and other connectivity issues.

The size of Lycoming helped compel me into leadership. It is very difficult to go through four years of school without having served in a leadership capacity for some organization along the way. While it didn't feel that way at the time, the nights staying up late working on a TKE problem were the most important growth experiences of my life. I don’t remember all of the plays I read in Renaissance Literature, but I do remember the lessons learned about how to move groups of people towards an objective and the pitfalls along the way.