Katie Bell

Katie  Bell

Business administration, 2000

Communications and government relations manager at Lycoming Engines and creator of Sleevie Savers

Sleevie Savers are a product designed to keep messes off of young children's sleeves. I credit my Lycoming business and marketing degree for giving me the fundamentals needed to create a real-world product. When I think back on my classes, I remember a marketing strategy class taught by Dr. Mark Toncar, who brought in FreePlay, a real company with a unique product concept. Our class worked in groups throughout the semester to develop marketing plans for its radio product line.

I participated and facilitated research groups when I was a student and that knowledge helped me and my business partner, Lauren Bryson, when we wanted to receive feedback about Sleevie Savers.

More than anything, the critical thinking skills I developed at Lycoming helped me work through this project.