Joseph Andrie

Joseph Andrie

Biology, chemistry and Spanish, 2012

Medical student at the Penn State College of Medicine

The wide variety in coursework, along with athletic, extracurricular and volunteer opportunities that are offered on Lycoming's campus made my application appealing for medical school admissions committees.

My Lycoming biochemistry class was a turning point in my undergraduate education because it got me interested in how the body works at a cellular level. When I entered Lycoming College, I wasn’t sure about what I wanted to do for the rest of my life or how I was going to get there. Medical school is like nothing else I have ever experienced, it forces you to use parts of your brain that you didn’t even know existed and is constantly pushing my peers and myself to perform at our highest level.

Most people ignore opportunities even though they are right under their nose. Students should develop the toolkit necessary to recognize opportunity early by going to a place where there are lots of opportunities, such as Lycoming. If you can combine a keen eye for opportunity with the perseverance to pursue that opportunity, you will succeed at not only getting into medical school but doing well there. I think Lycoming prepared me well for medical school and gave me the ability to satisfying curiosity through exploration.

Some people just let their college diploma become a dusty piece of paper framed on a wall in their office, with my degree from Lycoming, my diploma became a frame on which to build the rest of my life.