Lycoming College Science Building and Planetarium - page 9

Hands-on learningwill beparamount in these
three laboratories as students and faculty
work side-by-side on research projects using
the latest technology. The furniture and lab
equipment will be fluid tomaximize space
and allow for increased flexibility to suit the
needs of the desired learning environment of
each facultymember.
(Astronomy, Physics, Computer)
The two new large classrooms
will house the latest educational
technology, including
interactive screens powered
bymobile devices andmodular
classroom options. Theywill
offer discovery-based, group
learning environments and
spaces for informal discussion
and collaborative interaction,
all promoting an innovative and
cutting-edge science education.
Themainentrance from the ground floor
level will lead to an expansive corridor
featuring a loungeandarea for student-faculty
collaboration. From this passage, members of
the campus community and guestswill beable
to access the floor’s three research labs, large
classroomand computer lab.
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