Lycoming College Science Building and Planetarium - page 6

Inhonorof JohnG. Detwiler
presidentof LycomingCollege
The centerpiece of active and applied learning in this new building
will be a state-of-the-art planetarium featuring a digital projection
system. Lycoming’s new 35-foot-wide domed planetariumwill
usedigital technology to recreate the night sky and astronomical
bodies. It will give students the ability to actually experience the
universe and see theworld in away that they havenever seen it
before, andmost importantly, learn in away that they havenever
learned before. Facultywill be able tomanipulate the conditions of
theworld for teaching purposes, whichwill allow students to learn
about why the universe behaves theway it does.
This new interactive andmulti-curricular facilitywill not only serve
Lycoming’s students, but also benefit the greaterWilliamsport
community as eight area school districtswill have ample access to
the facility for learningand discovery purposes.
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