Lycoming College Science Building and Planetarium - page 3

Agift fromPeter ’69
and JoyceLynn
Creatingmore learning spaces that foster
innovative thinking and collaboration –
and prepare students for the future –will
be thehallmark of LycomingCollege’s
new $7.5million science building
and planetarium. The three-level,
26,000-square-foot facilitywill connect to
thenorthof theHeimBuilding and include
classrooms, researchand teaching labs,
computer labs, faculty offices, student
lounges andan atrium.
The buildingwill feature the latest in
technology and scientific instructional
tools andbring all of the college’s science
departments – astronomy, biology,
chemistry and physics – under one roof.
Akey aspect of the buildingwill be the
physical proximity among the sciences,
whichwill foster increased interdisciplinary
collaboration, interaction and research.
It alsowill provideLycoming students
with access to additional cutting-edge
interdisciplinary curricula.
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