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Student Experiences

Lycoming College encourages students to always explore their field of study outside of the classroom in order to gain career-building experience in the real world. Pre-Health and Pre-Medical students can greatly benefit from Lycoming's partnership with the critically acclaimed Susquehanna Health System. One such student is Ashley Lloyd, Senior Biology Major and Pre-Medical student. Here's what Ashley had to say about her experience with Susquehanna Health's Muncy Valley Hospital:

Ashley Lloyd

Ashley Lloyd, Senior Biology Major and Pre-Medical Student, Muncy Valley Hospital CNA

The summer after my sophomore year, I was trained and certified as a nurse's aide at a local nursing home. When I returned to Lyco that fall, I began to see the relationship between Susquehanna Health and Lycoming grow more and more, so I decided that I would enjoy continuing my experience in the Williamsport area. I applied for a position and was hired at Muncy Valley Hospital as a night shift Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Yes, going to class full-time and working part-time on night shift was a lot to juggle at one time, but the experiences that I had in previous years at Lyco prepared me to be able to manage my time wisely.

The experiences and direct patient care opportunities that I have been presented with as a CNA have been irreplaceable. With a plan to pursue medical school, these experiences are extremely valuable. I have really come to enjoy working with the diverse group of patients that come into the hospital and love the fact that I have to constantly alter the way I practice to fit each patients’ needs – a skill that I hope to carry with me through medical school and residency.

I enjoy sharing my experiences with fellow pre-med students and professors and look forward to using what I have learned to bolster my upcoming medical school interviews. Most who know that I am also attending college assume that I am going for nursing, which is a logical assumption to make. However, I believe that I have seen a side of medicine that most physicians do not see daily and that this experience will allow me to have a greater appreciation for all aspects of medicine, not just diagnostics and treatments. Working as a CNA has been an opportunity that I will never forget and one that I would highly recommend to any pre-med student interested in getting some awesome hands on experiences.

Ashley is just one of Lycoming's many pre-med students who have had an amazing experience both in and outside of the classrooms. Below is a list of some recent extracurricular experiences our pre-medical students have undertaken:

  • Chelsie Apker — Rehab Intern in Physical Therapy Department, Williamsport Regional Hospital
  • David Bald — Shadowed a Naturopathic Physician
  • Allison Batties — Intern at National Cancer Institute, NIH Molecular Medicine
  • Rebecca Borden — Intern at Williamsport Regional Hospital
  • Natasha Hollanda — Shadowed various doctors, Williamsport Regional Hospital
  • Daniel Leeper — Shadowed plastic surgeon, Hanover Hospital
  • Beth Machella — Patient Care Assistant, Harrisburg Hospital
  • Taylor Ramsay — Shadowed ER physicians, Susquehanna Health System
  • Jessica Wilson — Radiology Assistant, Jefferson Hospital