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Student Experiences

We encourage students to explore their field of study outside of the classroom in order to gain career-building experience. With the assistance of our Health Profession Advisory Committee (HPAC), pre-health students get internships which help prepare them for professional schools. Karahlyn Troutman, a biology major and pre-health student, is one of these students. Here's what Karahlyn had to say about her experience with our program and her veterinarian internships:

Karahlyn Troutman

Karahlyn Troutman, Pre-Health Student, Lewisburg Veterinary Clinic

I've always known that I wanted to be a veterinarian. When it came time to choose a college, I was looking for a school with an excellent biology program and professors that were interested in student success. I have found these and more at Lycoming. From the first time I set foot in the Heim Building, I've felt at home and can't begin to describe the different ways in which the professors at Lycoming have prepared me for my entry into veterinary school.

The professors in pre-health and pre-medicine know what professional schools are looking for and they will do everything to make sure you are prepared when you apply. Dr. Gabriel, the advisor for the pre-health students, talked me through everything from the application process, to preparing for standardized tests and recommending classes that would be best to prepare for veterinary school. Our program gives you the opportunity to take classes that are based on a liberal arts foundation and considered prerequisites at medical and veterinary schools. You're also left with freedom to choose elective classes.

When I began the program, it was made very clear that internships and relevant experiences were a couple of the most important things that professional schools look for in applicants. So, I started doing observations at different local veterinary hospitals, like the Lewisburg Veterinary Clinic, right away. I observed surgeries and was able to help out with regular office hours, which involved contact with the patients and their owners. Besides the vet hospitals, I also volunteer at Sunnybrook Meadows Horse Therapy and work as a research assistant for Dr. Morrison in the Heim Building research mouse colony.

Thanks to the education and internships I have received through Lycoming's Pre-Health Program, I feel confident that I am prepared to take the next step on my way to becoming a vet.

Karahlyn is just one of many pre-health students who have had an amazing experience both in and outside the classroom. Below are just a handful of other pre-health students and their internships and extracurricular experiences:

  • Jessica Bennett — Shadowed Local OB/GYN
  • Stephanie Brown — Shadowed a Local Podiatrist
  • Amanda Day — Rite Aid Pharmacy Technician
  • Kristen Fahey — Shadowed Local Optometrist
  • Alicia Greene — Optometrist Observations, Elk County Eye Clinic
  • Travis Leonarczyk — Physical Therapy Assistant
  • John Mastrabuono — Shadowed a Family Vet and Worked at Raptor Trust
  • Alyssa Taylor — Interned with Small Animal Vet Practice
  • Jessica Wilson — Radiology Assistant, Jefferson Hospital
  • Lusha Xu — Shadowed at Three Local Dentist Offices