LEAF gets students involved in various environmental activities.  We enjoy hiking, kayaking, stream cleanups, and other fun outdoor adventures.

For Earth Week 2015, LEAF has many events planned!  Anyone is welcome!

  • Sunday 4/19 - Cleanup at Brandon Park @ noon.  We will also be doing environmental facts on the sidewalks around campus.
  • Monday 4/20 - We will encourage the student body to make their mark on our banner celebrating LEAF and its fundamental objectives. We'll also have a fun picture cutout booth!
  • Tuesday 4/21 - Environmental audit PDR
  • Wednesday 4/22 - EARTH DAY! We will have a mascot race, solar powered smoothies, and environmental fortune cookies!
  • Thursday 4/23 - Bake sale and make-your-own potted plants
  • Friday 4/24 - Bake sale, acid mine drainage tie dye event, and a slip 'n slide 

Last year's mascot race was a ball, so please come join us for 2015 and make it even better!

LEAF is also planning a trip to the Philadelphia Zoo on Aprill 11 and either a hiking or a kayaking trip the next weekend.  Contact one of the officers for more information.

LEAF members at Rickett's Glen State Park

LEAF at Reptiland


If you are interested in any of the above events, don't hesitate to join!

Contact president: Andrew Shelly