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Photography students travel to The Photography Show in New York City

Photography students travel to The Photography Show in New York City

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Lycoming College Photography students recently traveled to New York City to one of the world’s most prestigious annual photography events to see, understand and be inspired by other artists who have climbed the success ladder of the art world. While attending The Photography Show presented by the Association of International Photography Art Dealers (AIPAD), students were exposed to the best of fine art photography and gained an understanding of behind-the-scenes art gallery submissions.

The Photography Show is the longest-running and foremost exhibition dedicated to the photographic medium, and offers a wide range of museum quality work, including contemporary, modern, and 19th century photographs as well as photo-based art, video, and new media. The event once again featured galleries from all around the world, and work from AIPAD members and new exhibitors, as well as younger galleries, book dealers and publishers, and the program was comprised of talks featuring prominent curators, collectors, and artists. Lycoming College students took advantage of this wealth of offerings to learn from those whose paths they aspire to follow. 

A special highlight of the day was visiting Gordon Stettinius, the owner of Candela Gallery in Richmond, Va., who gave an enlightening talk. Stettinius explained the business aspect of running a fine art photo gallery, as well as the process through which he finds photographers to exhibit, and the special relationships that have to be nurtured over the years. He revealed that their instructor, Andreas Rentsch, assistant professor of art at Lycoming College, happened to be one of the talented photographers whose work was displayed at Candela. With the help of Stettinius, one student was even able to approach a gallery in Houston, Texas, for her future after Lycoming College. The students were then able to stroll on their own and look at some of the most iconic photographs ever produced in the medium’s history — from 19th Century to contemporary photographs. They were rather impressed to find out that photographs can sell for quite a lot of money when they came across an Ansel Adams priced at $685,000! 

“It was a great opportunity to see photography that I otherwise would not have been exposed to, with galleries not just from across the country but from across the world,” said Lycoming College student Nicole Iorio ’19. As someone who enjoys staying in their comfort zone when it comes to art, it was a chance to see the thousands of ways the rules of photography and art can be broken and bent. Photographers do it daily and AIPAD reinforced that it is something we as artists, and students, shouldn’t be afraid to explore.” 

“I am a senior and a film and video arts major. I never had Andreas as a professor, but after this trip, I can see he cares for his students and wants them to grow as photographers. I had a great time in New York with his class and learning about fine art photography. I encourage students to attend this trip. There are opportunities that students should take advantage of to network and get your foot through the door of a gallery,” said Franchesca Martinez ’20. 

“As an international student and an art major, I always imagined how I would feel in New York as I discover the sights and places that have been recommended by many,” said Yajna Yugtha Jungbadoor ’22. “Going to the AIPAD Photography Show was an inspirational experience. It gave me the chance to be in the magnificent city that never sleeps and see the best collection of artworks. Most importantly, it was a learning opportunity. It opened my eyes to where I want my studies to bring me one day, how I need to do it and meet the talent recruiters who only give the chance to the very best,” 

The trip was led by Rentsch and included the following students: 

  • Karen Perez ’19 (Houston, Texas) — digital media communication and art major 
  • Nicole Iorio ’19 (Aberdeen, Md.) — art major 
  • Jessalyn Smith ’20 (East Windsor, Ct.) — art major; entrepreneurship minor 
  • Yajna Yugtha Jungbadoor ’22 (Port Louis, Mauritius) — art and creative writing major 
  • Ishfaaq Jhaumeer ’22 (Mont Ida, Mauritius) — physics major
  • Victoria Grundhoeffer ’20 (San Antonio, Texas) — film and video art major; photography minor 
  • Franchesca Martinez ’19 (Hazleton, Pa.) — film and video art major
  • Aminah Keith ’19 (Orange, N.J.) — art major
  • Brooke Vissichio ’21 (Commack, N.Y.) — undeclared major

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