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Lycoming College students, faculty fill key roles with “Peter Pan” community musical

Lycoming College students, faculty fill key roles with “Peter Pan” community musical

Costume designer Gabriela Burch ’18 fits the actor playing Peter Pan, Tori Duffy.

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Although the lead actors of any show are usually given the credit for a spectacular performance, the show’s success is just as dependent on the back stage hands who make it all possible.

Two Lycoming College students and the College’s costumer are among those making magic for the upcoming musical “Peter Pan,” which will be performed at the Williamsport Community Arts Center at the end of July.

Standing at the right-hand of Director Aaron White is Briana Rumsey, a sophomore theatre major, who is the stage manager for the show. She carefully documents actors’ positions on stage for each scene and makes notes about the set, props, lighting and actors’ prompts. Her detailed notes help the actors stay on cue so all audiences are thrilled by a consistently marvelous production.

Flying characters also add a challenge to the costumes, designed by Gabriella Burch, a sophomore theatre major, and Elizabeth Wislar, the College’s costume designer. Creating costumes that help define the characters and yet are flexible and durable enough for sustained acrobatics require the utmost ingenuity.

Burch designed the costumes for the pirates, lost boys and Peter Pan. Wislar designed the costumes for the Darling family and the remaining characters of the 55-member cast, which include a multitude of animals, forest sprites and other fanciful characters, including a 40-foot crocodile to distract the dastardly Captain Hook throughout the play

“Gabby’s involvement with the theater for much of her life really shows in her first professional role as a costumer,” said Wislar. “She’s a wonderful collaborator who brings a great deal of passion and dedication to everything she touches.”

The musical, a family favorite for generations, opens July 29 for a three-day run. Details about time and tickets can be found at:

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