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Offer your strong hands and winning smile to brighten the day of local residents

Dozens of senior citizens and other local residents need a strong helping hand to get their spring cleaning off to a good start. Lycoming College students are encouraged to share a few hours of time on April 16, starting at 8:30 a.m. till about noon.

“So many wonderful donors support our campus and students in many ways, including scholarships, research opportunities, and athletic programs,” said Steve Wiser, assistant head coach and defensive coordinator. “Let’s return the favor by passing it forward to those in the community who need our help. It’s also a great way to get to know other students you may not normally meet.”

Spring Clean Up Day is sponsored by the Favors Forward Foundation [insert link:] annually. The organization pairs groups of college volunteers with senior citizens, handicapped individuals and other local residents who need help. Wiser is a member of the non-profit’s board of trustees.

Lycoming students who are interested in participating should contact Campus Minister LeCrone at or by calling 570-321-4112. Individuals and groups alike are encouraged to participate.

Wiser has already rounded up the football and cross country teams along with the women’s soccer and volleyball teams to participate. They will be joined by members of the St. John’s Methodist Church in Newberry, Pa.

Lycoming College is going one step further by providing tools, gloves and other equipment to students. However, more contributions of tools, equipment and food are needed. One resident also needs help with minor roof repairs. Businesses interested in contributing should contact Barbara Irvin, director of Favors Forward, at or by calling 570-326-3805.

Favors Forward is also seeking financial help to offset costs of feeding and outfitting the helpers. Direct donations can be made at

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