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Lycoming alumnus published in Journal of Undergraduate Research

Carmen Niemeyer, a graduate of Lycoming College from Brookings, S.D., recently had her essay, “And What Say the Living? An Examination of Public Discussion of Anatomical Dissection Prior to the Doctors’ Riot of 1788” published in the Journal of Undergraduate Research, a peer review journal published by Monmouth College.

Niemeyer’s research and essay were written as her undergraduate history capstone project while she was a student at Lycoming College. Her essay focuses on how printed dialogue empowered citizens to take action against social disruptions during the Doctors’ Riot of 1788 in New York City. She researched the interdisciplinary conflict between distinct generations of the emerging American medical field. Exposing the hostility and disagreement from both sides, her study analyzes the struggle between medical authority and public opinion, while alluding to the public press’ influence on society.

Niemeyer graduated from Lycoming College in 2014 with majors in history and biology.

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