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Students teach art at Hope Enterprises

Students from the Lycoming College Department of Art worked with Hope Enterprises, an organization that provides community services to people with intellectual disabilities, in April to teach art classes to adults with developmental disabilities.

The students created lesson plans, organized materials, and taught an hour long workshop to the people at Hope Enterprises. Sophie Herzing, a sophomore with majors in art and creative writing, taught a watercolor class. She showed them how to work with watercolor paints, allowing them to paint whatever they wanted. Then, she had them write overtop of the watercolor with markers so that they could see how the marker would bleed over the page, creating an entirely new picture.

“I could not have had a better experience with them,” said Herzing. “My favorite part was watching how excited they were; not only learning a new skill, but also just by talking with me. I think I enjoyed getting to know them more than I did the actual painting. They made me smile endlessly.”

Hope Enterprises seeks to incorporate more arts into their programming, and looks forward to having more students of the college participate in their events.

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