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Robert Jacques, Ph.D., publishes novel

Robert Jacques, Ph.D., adjunct philosophy faculty member at Lycoming College, recently published "The Cat Who Loved Beethoven,” a fact-based novel with allegorical insights into the perennial problems of philosophy centering around a family who discovers where home is.

In the dreary winter days before the holidays begin, nothing unusual has been happening as usual. But, as the family gathers around the fireplace in the evenings, magical things begin to happen. Games of infinity are played and won. There are hoorahs for the sun. The family cat begins sitting at the piano whenever Beethoven is played, but not for any other composer. Soon, Beethoven and the other composers begin appearing atop the piano to hear their music played, and to assert and enjoy being their eccentric selves.

“The Cat Who Loved Beethoven” should appeal to scholars for its allegorical insights into the perennial problems of philosophy, and to readers everywhere for its heart-warming reaffirmation of humans’ feeling at home in the world.

Jacques received his doctorate and master’s degrees from Penn State University and his bachelor’s degree from the University of Notre Dame. He pursued his interests in the philosophical foundations of economics at the University of California, Riverside, where he studied Marxist economics, and at UC Berkeley, where he studied neo-classical theory, prior to transferring to Penn State University. He also attended the University of Bonn on a Fulbright-administered DAAD Scholarship to further his studies in Nietzsche. Jacques’s philosophical interests are broadly concerned with the history of philosophy, and specifically concentrated on the German and American philosophers of the 19th and 20th centuries.

“The Cat Who Loved Beethoven” is available for purchase at Barnes and Noble and on Amazon.

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