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Linh Nguyen wins 2014 Freshman Writing & Research Prize

Linh Nguyen wins 2014 Freshman Writing & Research Prize

Linh Nguyen presents her paper, "Gender Portrayal in Disney Animation," beside her READ poster.

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Linh Nguyen, an economics major from Hanoi, Vietnam, was the winner of 2014 Freshman Writing & Research Prize. She is the first international student to win the prize. Linh’s paper, “Gender Portrayal in Disney Animation,” explores how gender roles in Disney animations have evolved over time. Her paper is available on the Lycoming College’s Institutional Repository, and it will be published in Schemata, an online journal showcasing work from across Lycoming’s curriculum.

“In Vietnam, parents discourage many young girls from pursuing higher education because they believe women should take on the role of a housewife,” Nguyen said. “Since I have witnessed gender roles in Vietnam, I’ve developed a special interest in the topic and wanted to explore gender portrayal in Disney animation."

Prompted by the previous library director, Janet Hurlbert, the 2014 Freshman Writing & Research Prize was established by the Faculty Library Advisory Committee (FLAC) and the Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Committee four years ago to celebrate freshman students who have demonstrated excellence in both writing and research. Winners receive $100 from the Beverly Joyce Smithson Glad Fund and a library READ poster in their honor.

At the end of each semester, faculty members have the opportunity to nominate students to the WAC Committee. The committee then reads and votes for the essay that demonstrates the most maturity in both written expression and integration of research.

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