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Applied Music Guidelines

Lesson Requirements

  1. Registering for lessons:
    All students wishing to register for private music lessons should do so according to normal registration procedures. Incoming freshmen should register during summer orientation. Returning students register during Phase I in the semester prior to study.
  2. Setting Up lesson times:
    Every student must complete an "Applied Lesson Form" for each music lesson or methods class in which they are enrolled. These forms must be returned to the Music Department secretary on the first day of the semester or, if there is a late enrollment, immediately upon enrolling. Using the forms, instructors assign lesson times which are posted in the Department office at the end of the first week of classes. Lessons begin the second week of classes. These forms are due in on the FIRST DAY OF CLASSES.
  3. Attendance:
    Expected! If you miss lessons expect your grade to be lowered. Students are also expected to arrive at their lesson warmed-up (instruments assembled, etc.). The instructor must be notified, in advance, in the event of an absence due to illness or performance conflict.
  4. Grading:
    The instructors will explain their grading criteria to you. Attendance at department performances is expected of all taking applied lessons and may be part of the instructor's grading rubric.
  5. Preparedness:
    Students are expected to prepare their lesson material to the best of their ability. This is your homework! Expect to practice each day; this is the only way you will improve.
  6. Make-up Lessons:
    An instructor is not obligated to make-up an unexcused lesson you missed. If the instructor must miss a lesson a make-up lesson will be given.

Recital Attendance and Performance

As musicians we have the privilege to share our art with others through performance. It is our reward for the many weeks and months of dedicated individual practice, and is an honor to share with an audience our sense of accomplishment in our musical endeavors. Students studying privately will perform for an audience of music instructors at the end of each semester of study in a jury performance. In addition, students may have the honor of performing on a Noon Concert. To support our musical colleagues in their hard work we will also attend the recitals and concerts on which our colleagues perform to congratulate them on their accomplishments.

The following are the concerts and recitals students are expected to attend:

  1. Large Ensemble Semester Concerts:
    Instrumentalists: Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, Williamsport Symphony Orchestra;
    Vocalists: Concert Choir, Chamber Choir, Tour Choir
  2. Student and Faculty recitals: Noon Concerts and Student Recitals
  3. Studio classes: determined by individual instructors
  4. Jury performance: perform for a jury of music instructors
  5. Guest artist performances and collaborative events, such as Close-Up concerts, are scheduled for the benefit of music students as well as the Williamsport community. Students are strongly urged to attend.