Aerial view of campus with Williamsport, the Susquehanna River and Bald Eagle Mountain as a backdrop

Meet our Language Assistants

Christoph SchrankChristoph Schrank

Christoph Schrank grew up in the German Black Forest region and studies English and Physics at the University of Cologne, from which he received the BA in 2017. He is currently completing the Master of Education degree and will graduate in 2020. Christoph is fluent in German, English, and Spanish. His research interests are popular culture, media and film studies, and contemporary American literature. A lifelong film buff, Christoph worked as a projectionist in an arthouse cinema in Cologne for several years.

Abril FernándezAbril Fernández

Abril Fernández of Argentina earned a degree in English Teaching in 2016. She has worked at primary and secondary schools as well as language institutes. She is constantly trying to improve both her linguistic and teaching skills, so last year she applied for the Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant Program. She enjoys helping American students practice Spanish, her first language. She is interested in understanding other cultures, she likes sports and loves playing field hockey.

Pierre AzouPierre Azou

Pierre Azou of France holds a Bachelor of Arts (2012) and a master’s degree in Public Affairs (2014) from the Institut d’Etudes Politiques de Paris (Sciences Po.), as well as a master’s degree in French literature from the Université Paris-Sorbonne (2017). As part of these degrees, he also spent two years as an exchange student at the University of St Andrews in Scotland, studying English and German (2011-2012) and English and Italian (2015-2016). After his year at Lycoming, he plans to further his studies with a Ph.D. in French studies in the United States.