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Meet our Language Assistants

Lisa KacherLisa Kacher

Lisa Kacher of Germany is in the process of completing her government-certified teaching degree at the Julius-Maximilians-Universitӓt Würzburg. She will graduate in the spring of 2019 after taking a final state exam in higher secondary education in the subjects of biology, English and ethics. Her languages of specialization are German and English, and her primary research interest lies in students’ preconceptions and their influence on the learning process. She is also involved with the Initiative for Young Researchers Association.

Emmy DeckerEmmy Decker

Emmy Decker of France received her bachelor’s degree in English at the Université Paris-Sorbonne, and is currently pursuing her master’s degree in applied French there. After completing her degree in English with a minor in Linguistics, she enrolled in an applied French master’s program to focus on the peculiarity of the French language and its dialects. Once she has finished her master’s program, she plans to obtain her teaching certification. She is also interested in theatre, and is a member of the Paris-Sorbonne student union.

Beatriz Curieses MuñozBeatriz Curieses Muñoz

Beatriz Curieses Muñoz of Palencia (Spain) earned her bachelor’s degree at the Campus de Soria (UVa), and her master’s degree in Professional and Institutional Translation there. Her thesis revolved around the different techniques used to translate and adapt music from the original English version to the Spanish version — focusing on rhyme, tone, pitch, syllables and lyrics. She is interested in using her interpreting skills for conferences, as well as teaching Spanish to foreign speakers and teaching English to Spanish speakers. She enjoys being involved in musical events back in Spain, as well as the short film festival of Soria, where she lives. Her other interests include traditional black and white photography, art, acting and singing.