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The Collins Online Bilingual Dictionary

The Modern Language Studies department makes availabe the Collins OnLine Bilingual Dictionary to local network and B200 lab users. This dictionary, in French, German, and Spanish versions going to and from English, can be used to look up and insert translated words while you are word-processing

Faculty will need to create a Collins icon in the window containing WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows. Click on File, then on New, Program Item, OK. Fill in the blanks as follows (Tab moves you from blank to blank):

  • Description: Collins Dictionary
  • Command Line: g:\apps\col2\col2win.exe
  • Working Directory: g:\apps\col2\col2data
  • Click on OK (and on Yes if you get an error message).

To look up an insert French, German, or Spanish words while you are word processing:

  • Start. Start up WordPerfect 6.0a for Windows. Press ATL+TAB to return to Program Manager. Start up Collins Online. Select the dictionary you want by clicking on the Bookshelf window, then on the dictionary name.
  • Switch between WordPerfect and Collins. Hold down the ALT key and then press TAB to move between open applications. You can also click on WordPerfect while in Collins.
  • Find a word. Click on the Lookup window, type the word, and press ENTER. Click on the highlighted word in the window below, and the translation will appear in the righthand window.
  • Move words to your document. Select the translation with the mouse (sweep over it while holding down the left button). Press CTRL+C, then switch to WordPerfect, and press CTRL+V to insert the word(s) at the cursor. For DOS wordprocessors it is easiest to type in the translation yourself.